Toora Loora Shorties - Dressed To The Bixby
Toora Loora Shorties - Dressed To The Bixby

Toora Loora Shorties

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Much like a bloomer, are these shorts. More of a hipster vibe, these thigh-length fitted shorts are lightweight and fun.

93% Modal / 7% Spandex

- Four-way stretch fabric with an ultra-soft feel

- Functional, Comfortable, Durable

- Fits true to size

Toora Loora is a Seattle-based children’s clothing brand that brings together quality, functionality and style.
Quality meets functionality. Toora Loora garments are custom designed and crafted with your baby in mind. We pride ourselves on a soft and natural fabric collection. In fact, we've put a lot of consideration into the fabric itself – prioritizing materials that stretch for movement without compromising softness or durability. From every zipper, to snaps and buttons, the Toora Loora collection is made to last with materials that are durable and easy to care for. We also are proud to partner with suppliers that are environmentally responsible and prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices.