Nuts About You Boxers - Dressed To The Bixby

Nuts About You Boxers

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-The Ball Bag: Where conventional boxers bunch up and squeeze around your acorns like a particularly sadistic python, ours were ingeniously designed to give your balls breathing room and support.

-Ridiculously Soft and Breathable Material: we've been able to create moisture-wicking boxers that vent heat from your chestnuts to keep them from roasting.

-Wedgie Free Design: No more ducking around corneras to tug out your knotted underwear like a psycho.

-Anti-Noodling Waistband: Engineered to avoid this awkward fate thanks to a soft and highly flexable waistband that remembers your measurements like a tailoring savant.

-Better Stiching, No Itching: Even a millmeter of raised or poorly placed stitching can painfully score your sack like a Brillo pad. Thanks to our durable, no itch flatlock stitching, you won't ever have to worry about that.

Runs slightly small.