Mystery BOX
Mystery BOX
Mystery BOX - Dressed To The Bixby

Mystery BOX

Regular price $50.00

A box of goodies in your size! 4-5 items, or MORE! INSANE deal! This is such a fun way to try new styles!

And who knows, you could even get bigger surprises in your box, like one of our Upcycled LV items (retailing OVER $100 alone!) you never know what you will find in your box!

True to size.

Due to this item being a MYSTERY, these boxes are non-refundable.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly McDade
Mystery box

The first one I received was so good we ordered 2 more. They were not good at all. The one was actually really bad. It looks like things that couldn’t sell or outdated


Loved both of my mystery boxes. Especially my first one! I just love DTTB in general!

Sherri Spence
Mystery Box

Love these so very much! Always well worth the spend of $50. You get 5 pieces of clothing worth about 150 or over! And gives you sometimes something that you might wouldn’t pick but end up loving it!!💕😍

Jaclyn English
Overall fun concept.

Some things I would pick but really like. Just sometimes too many cropped items for me. 😉

Carrie Ardoin

Although the value of this box is purported to be more than what I paid, every single item in this box was hideous and obviously stuff that couldn't be sold even on clearance. I ordered a 3x box and the sizes ranged from not being able to get past my chest, to me being able to fit myself and my two children in the pants I got. I don't like a single thing in this box and although I understand mystery means gamble, I won't ever do this again.